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Rely on the stability of product quality、Reasonable price、Excellent and thoughtful service、Perfect management mechanism、Pragmatic strategy, such as various advantages

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Zinc sulfate monohydrate

White liquid crystalline powder;No smell、Bitter。

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Seven water zinc sulfate

White crystalline、Granular or powder;No smell、Bitter。

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Particles of zinc sulfate

White or light color spherical particles。

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Active zinc oxide

White or light yellow powder,Tasteless,Fine texture。

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  • 2000

    The company was set up

  • 70000

    The factory area

  • 60000

    The annual output

  • ≤1%

    Product chlorine content

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2017Years,Huaxing moved to the shuikoushan commercial park,Using the world's cutting-edge technology for metallurgical solid waste disposal。


In addition,My company is also equipped with acid leaching,In addition to the noise,Filter,Enrichment desiccation and other advanced production technology,Also pay attention to the resources,To protect the environment,By building a complete industrial chain,Realize the resources100%To use。


At the same time,The water was realized,Gas,Zero discharge of slag,To achieve the efficient,Energy saving,Three big environmental targets。

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About us

Changning county huaxing chemical industrial co., LTD is located in the world-famous smelting of lead and zinc——ShuiKouShan、Hunan hengyang city that its ShuiKouShan circular economy industrial park,In the east of jingguang railway tile garden station,West meets the constant214Provincial highway,Through double line beijing-zhuhai YueLin highway,In the north of the xiangjiang river,Water、Land transportation is convenient,The geographical position is extremely superior。 
      Companies adhering to the”Strives for the survival by the quality,Rely on good faith development“The management idea,In science and technology as the guide,Gen industry well-known brands as the goal,In order to promote human health career as eternal development,With high quality products,With excellent inexpensive price,Wholeheartedly for the majority of new and old customers to discuss,And my colleagues common development to create brilliant。Huaxing smelting is the collection production、Sales in the integration of chemical comprehensive enterprise,The factory area70000Square meters,The existing staff135Name。The company also has a group of highly qualified technical personnel,Specializing in the production、Development、Promotion“Huawei”Forage mineral elements(Zinc、Manganese、Copper、Iron, etc)Series of products。The company mainly produces“Huawei”Monohydrate/Seven water zinc sulfate、Zinc oxide except for livestock feed additives,Also widely used in mineral processing、Printing and dyeing、And trace element fertilizer, etc,The annual output60000Tons,One of them;Zinc sulfate monohydrate50000Tons(Including zinc sulfate particles),Seven water zinc sulfate10000Tons,Feed grade zinc oxide5000Tons。
            Companies rely on the stability of product quality、Reasonable price、Excellent and thoughtful service、Perfect management mechanism、Pragmatic strategy, such as various advantages,Zinc sulfate products has entered the international market,Exported to Europe and the United States and southeast Asia。 
      All employees will be adhering to the company“Strives for the survival by the quality,Rely on good faith development”The enterprise business philosophy,In order to“The user is supreme、Reputation first”The service tenet,With high quality products,Excellent inexpensive price,Wholeheartedly for the general new old customer service,And my colleagues common development,Create brilliant。


Qualification certification

Company always regards product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise,Set up a quality supervisor、Control、Inspection system;In2007Years in the industry took the lead throughISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification。2017Years of the European UnionFAMI-QS(European feed additives and premix feed quality system)Since the production of zinc sulfate monohydrate products of the company2008In successive years is evaluated“Hengyang city famous brand product”,2014Years is evaluated“Hunan province famous brand products”。